Sophie Hojo
Kanji 北条そふぃ
Rōmaji Hojo Sofi
Age 14
Gender Female
Hair Color Crimson
Eye Color Violet
Affiliation Paprika Private School
Occupation Student
Team solami smile
Relatives Cosmo Hojo (Older Sister)
Image Song solar flare sherbet
Anime Debut Episode 1 (Cameo)
Japanese Miyu Kubota
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Sophie Hojo (北条そふぃ, Hojo Sofi) is a main character of Puri Para. Sophie is an idol who debutted in her childhood. Her Brand is Holic Trick


Sophie has a very mature look. She has sharp purple eyes and long straight pink hair. Although her appearance outside Puri Para in public in the same, at home, both her hair and posture is a mess and her hair is tied back in a low ponytail. She looks so much different that even Laala couldn't recognize her.


As an idol, Sophie likes to act mysterious and cool in public, pretending to not even know the meaning of hard work. Her status as a Divine Idol makes her the most popular current idol and gained her many fans; however, like Mireille, she is only putting on an act and hiding the messy and worn out side of her. Sophie returns to her idol self when eating pickled plums. Usagi often calls this side of ther "Fancy Mode".