SAINTS was a legendary group of idols and top idol unit in Puri Para. Their last Live performance was held 3 years prior to the first episode of the series. They are admired by many, including Laala.


  • Harune Aira
  • Ageha Mia
  • Ayase Naru




  • The members of SAINTS are the main characters of the three Pretty Rhythm series - Aurora Rising Dream (Aira), Dear My Future (Mia), and Rainbow Live (Naru).
  • When performing, Aira, Mia, and Naru use their MARs, COSMOs, and Happy Rain coords, respectively.
  • It's said that their unit was active three years prior to the series.
  • It is assumed that the unit's leader is Aira, as she dances in the center.
  • Mia is the only member to wear a red outfit rather than a pink outfit when performing.