Mireille Minami
Kanji 南みれぃ
Rōmaji Minami Mirei
Age 12
Gender Female
Hair Color Yellow blonde

Brown (normal appearance)

Eye Color Cerulean

Brown (normal appearance)

Affiliation Paprika Private School
Occupation Student
Anime Debut Episode 1: I Became an Idol!
Japanese Yu Serizawa
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Mireille Minami (南みれぃ, Minami Mirei) is a main character of Puri Para. Her catchphrase is Just as calculated (計算どおり, Keisan douri) or Miscalculated (計算外..., Keisengai). Her Brand is Candy ALaMode. haha :3c


Despite being one of the older idols, Mireille is slightly short. She has round sparkling blue eyes and yellow permed hair. Because part of her hair is tied up into buns resembling cat ears. Her real appearance is more 'serious', 'messy' and she can't be recognized as her idol appearance.


She is a very cheerful girl, though she's a cat-like girl. She uses the word Puri a lot in her sentences. As the Head Disciplinarian, she's very serious at her work. It's quite notable that her personality in Pripara matches a cats.


Meet with LaalaEdit

She meets with Laala because Laala searches her to give her back the Purichike. Later, Laala becomes her partner at Episode 1 to debut. They also become friends quickly. But at the end of Episode 2 when they exited the PuriPara World, it is later revealed that she's the Head Disciplinarian in Lala's school who often gives Lala demerit papers, much to their surprise.


  • Lala Manaka - They meet each other in Episode 1, because Mireille had lost on purpose her Purichike Bag, Lala wanted to give this back to Mireille, she received her PuriTicket and ran into her by chance, also debutting with her. As Head Disciplinarian, she often gives Lala demerit papers whenever Lala accidentally broke the school's rules and didn't noticed that she's actually partnering with her in PuriPara World until Episode 2.
  • Shikyoin hibiki - Mirei thinks hibiki is a piece of shit
  • Lala Manaka


  • In Episode 6, Laala and Mireille went one rank up.
  • Both Laala and Mireille look diffrent in the Pri Para world
  • She is the cleverest in Solami Smile
  • She always say "Puri" at the end of her sentences in the Puri Para world


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