Laala Manaka
Kanji 真中らぁら
Rōmaji Manaka Raara
Age 10
Gender Female
Hair Color Lavender
Eye Color Turquoise
Affiliation Paprika Private School
Occupation Student
Team solami smile
Image Song dream parade and love friend style
Japanese Himika Akaneya
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Laala Manaka (真中らぁら, Manaka Raara) is the main character of Puri Para. Her catchphrase is All right! (かしこまっ, Kachikoma!).Her Brand is Twinkle Ribbon.

Appearance Edit

As the youngest of the characters, Laala has a short stature. She has round sea blue eyes and her hair is light purple, which are tied in two buns. As she enters the PuriPara world, her hair becomes longer, ending up in twin tails and her physical body changes from that of an elementary student to a middle or high school student.


Laala seems to be a bright and cheerful girl and loves physical activity. She's great at making friends and cherishes them very much. She's also very loud as she mentioned that she inherited her loud personality from her mother and is also a bit of a klutz.


  •  She debuts with Mireille in Episode 1.
  •  In Episode 1, Faruru who is watching Laala's performance mentions "Prism Voice", along with Kuma who said that Laala possibly owned the Legendary Prism Voice.
  • She receives her PuriTicket at the same time she wanted to give back Mireille her Purichike.
  • In Episode 6, both Mireille and Laala went one rank up.
  • She is the leader of Solami Smile
  • She is the youngst of the main characters
  • She have a little sister named Non Manaka