Faruru Bokerdole
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Kanji ファルル・ボーカドール
Rōmaji Faruru bōkadōru
Age 10
Gender Female
Hair Color Pastel Green
Eye Color blue-grey
Image Song 0-Week-Old
Anime Debut Episode 1 (cameo), episode 17 (speaking), episode 26 (performance)
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 Faruru Bokerdole (ファルル・ボーカドール,Faruru bōkadōru) is a mysterious girl,her preferred brand is Marionette Mu.She makes cameo appearances in Episodes 1&13 and makes a proper introduction in Episode 17.Her song is 0-Week-Old first heard in episode 26.


Faruru has a pastel green hair and a tiara on her head, she has grey eyes and wears headphones that are hidden under her pink bows. On the back of her Cyalume Coord she has a wind up that dolls tend to have on their backs,which was shown in Episode 26 clearly.She has got a kinda robotic voice. Later in episode 37 she changes her appearance: her hair is longer and more curly, her new casual dress is the Heartful MM Coord and she loses her robotic voice.


Faruru is shown to be clueless,childlike girl.She's shown to be interested in Laala because of her legendary Prism Voice and even copies Laala's catchphrase and action. In episode 27,she's shown to be a copycat,mimicking Mireille,Sophie and Chanko. In episode 30 is revealed that she's a Vocal Doll, a girl born in PuriPara that has got the Prism Voice and the qualities a Divine Idol needs. After her reawakening in episode 37 she becomes a normal girl and loses her ability to copy the others. Faruru leaves in episode 38 and returns in episode 58 with many mini-Farurus that consider her their big sister.


  • Many PuriPara fans expected Faruru's image song in the anime to be Morning,but her song was 0- Week-Old.
  • She's the first PuriPara idol so far to know of the Legendary Prism voice.
  • She is the first to change look.
  • Faruru is also known as Falulu.
  • Bokerdole means Vocal Doll in Japanese.
  • She sang a new version of 0-Week-Old in episode 58.