Dorothy West
Kanji ドロシー西
Rōmaji Doroshī Nishi
Age 13
Gender Female
Hair Color Electric Blue
Eye Color Electric Blue
Affiliation i☆Ris
Occupation Idol
Relatives Leona West (Twin Brother)
Japanese Azuki Shibuya
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 Dorothy West (ドロシー西, Doroshī Nishi)Dorothy West is a Pop idol who uses the brand Fortune Party, she is a member of Dressing Pafe together with Shion Todo and her twin brother Leona West.


She has short blue hair with a braid on her right and a hat with a red ribbon from a star. She has blue eyes.


She's quite cheeky but also hates losing. She cares alot from her twin brother and loves being an idol as shown as when she broke in the school to steal hers and the rest of Dressing Pafe's PriTickets back from the headmistress with Leona who also got Sophie's PriTicket. She also thinks Laala has the strongest idol aura out of all of SoLaMiDressing.


  • She is from America and often mixes English words in her speech likes "Yes!" and "Tension Max".
  • Her Casual Coord is the complete opposite to Leona's.
  • Herself and Leona are the first main characters to share a brand, the second being Sophie and Aroma.
  • She has over 1,000 warning tickets.