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Known brands

Idols in Puri Para wear different brand of clothing, based on the fashion elements from the Pretty Rhythm universe - lovely, pop, sexy, cool, ethnic, and feminine. Each brand has different themes and designs unique to it, and are chosen depending on how good an idol would look in the brand's clothing.

Known BrandsEdit

There are currently five known brands: 

Lala wearing the Cutie Ribbon Coord

Twinkle RibbonEdit

Main article Twinkle Ribbon. Manaka Laala's favored brand.It is a Lovely type brand,and as suggested by the brand name,incorporates many ribbons into its clothing.

Known CoordsEdit

  • Cutie Ribbon Coord - The Coord worn by Lala during her first performance.
  • Wonderland Macaron Happy Coord - The Coord worn by Lala in her second performance.
  • Wonderland Rabbit Happy Coord - The Coord worn by Mireille with Lala in her second performance.
  • Flower Meringue Coord - The Coords worn by Lala and Mireille in Episode 3.

Candy A La ModeEdit

Minami Mireille's favored brand.It is a Pop type brand,and has candy-based clothing with bright,vivid colors.

  • Magical Clown Coord - The Coord worn by Mireille during her performance alongside Lala in episode 1.
  • Moritake Lime Coord - The Coord worn by Lala in episode 6.
  • Moritake Orange Coord - The Coord worn by Mireille in episode 6.

Holic TrickEdit

Hojo Sophie's favored brand.It is a Cool type brand.

Dreaming GirlEdit

A "Premium Star" type brand. It seems to be Laala's secondary brand,but she has not worn the brand's clothing as of yet.

Baby MonsterEdit

It is Toudou Shion's favorite brand.It is a Punk type brand.

Fortune Party

It's Dorothy and Leona West's favored brand.It's a Pop type brand.

Marionette Mu

Is Bokerdole Faruru's favored brand.It's a Princess type brand.